Psalm 19 1-6

From my chamber 
I lift my eyes to the stars
unto the heavens I set my gaze
As creation declares His faithfulness
in the middle of the night 

Your always the same
You never change
Your words uphold all things
Your hands are still involved
You still speak to my heart

The sun tells the story of Your love
 Rising at dawn it prophesies of Your coming
 a joyful Bridegroom
Your faithfulness on display
The promise of your love 

The majesty of creation sets 
my heart on firm foundations
Stars piercing the walls of my heart
Whispering the secrets of love to
My soul

I open my eyes to see Your goodness
I  open my heart to catch Your gaze
Its Your presence Im longing for
Its your words of life that sustain me

Day after day, night after night
 the knowledge of God is unveiled
The skies testify, they witness 
the faithfulness of God
Such majesty, Such splendor
of His beauty

The heavens declare the glory of the King
day after day and night after night
 Prophesying of His nature
A reminder that He is near
Intimately involved in every detail

He is faithful to me 

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