KC Zoo 2011

Today we finally ventured out to the zoo! Some of my favorite places on earth are zoos, and my husband is completely tolerant of my childlike nature. ;) Anne, Pam (Anne’s mom) Eden, and Little Avery came along too, the more the merrier right? Annnnd Boy and Eden only got in one fight! (amazing) ;) I tried to cut out 90% of my pictures and collage the other to show you and save some time.


I am terrified of birds flying around like this… (obviously) but braved it and had fun :)
Our poor little bird was the outcast beat up guy. Shaking, mostly featherless, and deformed feet. It was a Jesus loves me kinda thing for me :)


Boys Second!

I forgot to post pics of Boy Wonder’s second birthday, ooops..!

For his birthday i wanted it to be very chill, no pressure to make him nap, cause he wouldn’t and no pressure to have a bunch of his friends over since he would end up playing with one anyways, or fighting them… ;)

SO we put balloons in his room to wake up to and in the living room to play with (Cars ones of course ) and then we just had a normal morning. After his nap we took his best friend Eden to a very large Farmstead/Petting Zoo, Deanna Rose. Of course Eden was PUMPED to go and Bode had no idea where we were going. So we loaded up the kids, Anne loaded up hers and off we went! As a responsible parent i made sure to bring my camera, with only about 1/4 battery life left.. :/ But it was a blast, the kids had so much fun just playing and holding hands most of the time. They even went running off to the chapel!! ;)

*side note I have never been to a petting zoo before…. So I thought it would be a blast to go IN the little goats pen and feed them with the kids.. Dan nodded and said “Well you can go ahead..” The second I got in there I was swarmed and jumped on and pinned against the fence by this bigger goat! AH, my camera slammed against the posts, and boy was hitting them saying “top it, top it, stop it”, and “no no no”…so cute, and scary… Lesson learned…

So this is what we did….Some are camera and some are top notch iphone ;)

We fed the fish…Massive gold fish

B’s First Snow

This winter in KC has been so mild its crazy, no nothing, not really even any overcast days. Once we went on vacation thought i got my fill of a beautiful white snow in Denver, and then i found out that we got snow in KC that same day. (Go figure) BUT i know i enjoyed it in Denver alot more, even thought it, (and Bodie being sick) hindered us from meeting up with some good friends, but i guess you have to roll with the punches sometimes and try again..?

Anyway, we got a pretty big snow the other day here, and it was perfect, big fluffy, falling straight down snow. So the next day we thought it would be fun to go and take B out and check it out while daddy shoveled.  We had a blast, and i have fun taking a few pictures to remember it by. He looked so cute in his cowboy boots, fuzzy hat, oversized coat (that he cant balance in), and mittens that he actually kept on! :) Their not perfect b/c i couldn’t see the pics with how bright it was out side and my fingers were on the verge of being frost bitten… ;)

These first two pictures are actually his very first snow in CO. As you can see his favorite part was eating it ;)

<3 This picture, it shows just how boy he really is

Helping daddy shovel, we ended up bringing out the car scraper for him to feel like he was helping ;)

The biggest accomplishment of the hour was me getting my coat zipped up! I had to suck it in for what i could, and then it still took about 5 min b/c i couldn’t see the zipper and it was being difficult! Win by me :)

After everything was said and over he was a happy camper ready for a warm bath and  his runny nose wiped haha :)


OH and if you haven’t checked out Dan’s blog and new post head over and give it a read. :)


Photo Update

Since we JUST got internet today, i thought the best thing i could do is post some pictures of September and October.  I wish i could post more but for now this will get us all caught up and back on track I will be updating you on this pregnancy as well, im 15 weeks as of today, and will be posting pics soon. :) Enjoy, and leave me a comment to let me know you ARE in fact looking at these!!


His 1st Birthday was so fun! We let him chow a mini Lightning McQueen cake. AND we even got to go out an a date, we just celebrated with us two and my mom. Which was way easier (since we are still moving in) and fun! :)

He is constantly on the go now, I know the picture is blurry but i think it fits all too well.

My son LOVES the park, not because of the equipment he can crawl all over but because of the mulch stuff on the ground. He will literally sit for an hour straight playing in just that. looking for just the right piece to unscrew the bolts on the equipment!

Unfortunately  he really loves the park… :(

AND yes we are moved into our home. And loving it. Hope to put more pictures up some day… But for now rest assured that we are well watched out for by our door guard/bouncer. :)

OCTOBER (so far)

I seriously dont know if he can get any cuter! His new winter hat, a very cheese ball smile, and of course a stick to play with! Such a boy. Love him!

What him and momma look like when waking up ;)

Fall this year has been much awaited for, and it is beautiful!

Always on the go, at the new park by our house! The picture on the bottom is all to ‘Ashton’ as a child. HAHA!

Hes such a  joy, no matter how he is feeling. Even when his curls are going Awall!

Bonked his head pretty good on a rock, and rubbing it off before daddy could get there. :(  And once again the the bottom picture, this is bodie walking in circles looking for his stick he dropped. :)


And lastly, not one but two full neck rolls AND two very squishy cheeks, that we love to kiss. :)



Vacation Glimpses

Well we are finally back from our much needed vacation, and have our heads back on straight! This was probably the busiest i have been in years, going going going!! Dan was happy to be out of work for awhile and i was happy to have more help with Boy Wonder.

Our first leg of the trip was NY, for some of Dan and I’s friends graduation for the Merchant Marine Academy. (Which I am still so proud of them all!) We were there from Saturday night till Wed. evening. We got to venture around Manhattan, and walk like i have never walked before. We were lucky enough for dans mom, Janelle, to come out with us and help with Bodie and renting a car. Our first full day we decided to head into the city and go hit a few of the funner parts of NY, Battery park, and we even unfortunately ended up lost in China townish in the evening. :/ HAHA!

I have to admit im so happy i dont live there and DONT ever have to do subways ever again. When we headed into town we had to catch a train to the main subway station, which of course we were running on the platform and got to the door and what do you know we miss the train and have to wait. Dang it! So we wait hop on another a bit later and get on our way. Once we got to the the subway part Dan thought he would be nice and show us how to get through, so he demonstrates and we try and follow his example, except the stroller wouldn’t fit, so girls literally go into melt down mode, and are running around like lost squirrels! We FINALLY figure it out and are beyond stressed, haha. It was quite the adventure that i am happy we dont have to ever repeat! Our date night was much smoother and less stressful without Boy and all that extra luggage.

The trip to the East was wonderful, beautiful, and the beaches were perfect. All in all we had a great time and cant wait to go back, maybe someday. I only am going to put a few of our trip pictures up since i took two memory cards full of them! :) Enjoy and ill try and put my two cents in where its needed! :)

View from the plane Miss.  River                                                Missed the train… :0

This was our only view to ground zero. It was probably one of my favorite stops, mainly because i had no idea how massive it was! I mean MASSIVE, and entire city block. I couldn’t help but think of the Lord’s mercy in this. It was like amidst his judgment he poured out unmeasurable mercy, how none of the other buildings were crushed and even went untouched is such a testimony.

Black squirrels..?!?! WHAT?? blurry, but you get the idea!

The squirrels were so not scared of people it was kinda weird. This one was trying to jump into Bode’s stroller and get his snacks, till i finally moved him away. Bodie sure enjoyed the break watching all the pigeons and squirrels. :)

The beach was beautiful, the sand was fluffy and soft, and waves nice and cold.  As you can tell Bodie was terrified of the ocean and the entire experience! Weird! He was climbing up me like a wet cat! lol

He started warming up after a bit ONLY if we were holding him tight and close. :)

Oh man, this was one unhappy boy. Look at that LOOK! Please click on the picture to make it bigger for the full effect! HAHA!

He warmed up to the sand by the end :) I was surprised that he actually didnt like the sand and water more.

WE even got to go out on our belated two year anniversary night . Grandma watched Bodie and we went to Times Square! It was around 10:30 in this picture and light as day with a million people walking around.

Our second part of the trip was form NY to Denver, up to Cheyenne and then to South Dakota for our family reunion in about a day!  We did lots of traveling to our reunion but finally made it safe.

(side note) Do not EVER fly Frontier if you have children. We had the rudest and most immature flight attendants i have ever heard of, not to mention put me in tears and ready to fight a few times!! Ill spare the details but i am going to write in and complain. Thats not how i usually deal with things like this, but it was that bad.

ANYWAYS, the family reunion was wonderful and so good to see most of my family. I wish i had taken more pictures but i was so busy! everyone loved Bodie and of course he loved everyone too. :) We got to see mount Rushmore some for the 5th time and some for the first time, and we did the mountain alpine slide! At the end of our trip my dad and i got some ice cream and Bodie showed us that he KNEW how to lick a cone, we were in shock but he LOVED it. He ate about half of my dads ice cream cone! He would go speed crawling back to him if we moved him and throw a small fit for more, but it was so cute and funny! :)

Had fun snapping a few of my bro :)

Dan and Bodie got to see Mount Rushmore for the first time

We ene got to go to the fish hatchery, it was pretty cool, some of the fish were massively over grown! :P

These were some of the biggest most beautiful clouds i have ever seen..

The little girls LOVED him!

And he played…and played and played!

Love these two pictures! Very Cute of my parents!

Love these too, so cute how he is standing on his toes for more :)

Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think :)


On a walk we go

Dan Bodie and I decided to go for a nice little walk tonight, its was beautiful out, not to humid (well more my liking, but hey its KC), all the kids were out playing, and well lets just say it was all around a good walk.

“got my toy and ready to rock!”

We saw a Robin egg,

Got scared by a loud, unexpected barking dog,

Chilled out, enjoying the walk on our second round, watching the birds. (Went searching for our lost sunglasses), Which we found and didnt have to walk all that way around the second time. :)

And even got to watch a fun and at times heated game of kick/dodgeball out side the house with the neighbor kiddos. :)