Our Vision

Dan and I (Ash), are called “Intercessory Missionaries” to Kansas City.  This means our main ministry is unto the Lord, in the House of Prayer.

Our vision and reason for venturing out to Kansas City, for The International House of Prayer is to see the furthering of the House of Prayer in the Nations.  We want to cast a vision on what it looks like to be an “Anna” (Luke 2:25-40), sitting faithfully in the temple with fasting and prayer until the Lord’s return.

We want people to see the reality of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21-22), and how the prayer and worship movement is unto bringing the Lord’s second coming and on through eternity. It’s not going to stop (Matthew 6: 10, Rev 4).  God is fully worthy of our Worship, adoration, and intercession, which is why and what Dan and I are called to do. The foundation of IHOP is a 24/& worship and Prayer Room. The prayer room is split into twelve 2 hour sets. They alternate between two hours of worship and singing out of the Bible, the other 12 sets are Intercession sets.  What we do during these times is prayer on topics such as sex trafficking, abortion, adoption, the 10/40 Window , the furthering of the Gospel, etc.  The House of Prayer also has many different ministry programs, a few such as:  (Click to visit web page)

Dan and I, are called to this ministry as our full-time occupation. We understand that not everyone is called to full-time ministry as we know so many are called to the market place to minister. We want you to partner with us in this vision and our goal.  We want you to understand  the importance in what we are doing in this age and into eternity.

IHOP is a non-profit organization and would not be able to fulfill our financial needs each month. So we need you to help us in this area.  Dan and I are currently living on about 50% support with our partners now, the other 50% percent is brought in by Dan’s job at Starbucks. By September our goal is to be on full-time ministry support each month, so that we are able to give ourselves to what we came out here to do. We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us unto the ministry of the Lord and furthering of the Gospel.  If you would like to help us with this, you can donate with a one time gift, or help us by sending us a monthly check.

If you are not able to help us financially we are ALWAYS in great need of prayer, and it would be greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, comments, or would like to partner with us in ministry you can send us an e-mail and contacts us through our e-mail at Shjandemaar@me.com .


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