This post is a cry out for answers or help!

The past about two weeks Bodie has seemed to lose it. He is constantly grumpy, wanting to just be held (even if it means wrestling him to stay in your arms) and tantrums like i can not believe.  Im talking full blown ear ringing, feet kicking and stomping, back arching, tantrums!?!? Its not normal, he’ll get grumpy when hes hungry or tired, and maybe when hes really tired throw a fit, but this is just not normal. He is always hungry, he just hit a growth spurt so its not that, he seems to do it for comfort right now i think, and hes always tired. He will take a two hour hard nap and be tired or acting like it an hour and a half later. No fever, no indication of being sick at all……..?

If you have ANY advice or just encouragement, please leave me a comment. Im pulling my hair out and its totally bringing me down.  Either what the HECK can i do to help with these insane tantrums (hes only 9 months) OR what could he have?? I was thinking an ear infection and have been trying to get a Dr.s app for the last two days.


A grumpy and balding,


I will post a update blog later when King Kong goes down for a nap if, if im not also passed out on the floor :)