We had a little fun today in the yard, and even did a little praying! ;)

I plead your blood over my sins
and the sins of my nation.
God, end abortion and
send revival to America.

Where we are now

I haven’t updated in a while now, mainly due to lack of energy and time. So tonight everyone was asleep by 9:30 (except me as usual) and i have finished my blog surfing and Pintrest ‘pinning’, and thought before i hit the sack i would just do a quick filler in of life the last few days/weeks.

I am doing good. Pregnancy is getting harder for sure and I am getting bigger as I enter the home stretch. I am still having lots of pelvic pain, it hurts to sleep, roll over at night get up and down from sitting, just the norm i guess with your second and having then so close together. My energy is seriously dwindling more and more by the day. Most days its SO frustrating just being able to take care of Bodie and what HE needs and ignoring my other duties, like you know like the essential things; laundry, dishes, picking up, brushing my own teeth, all of it. Then my amazing husband kindly and patiently reminds me that I am pregnant and deal with a wild man all day, and am 34 weeks pregnant. (oh right thats why im so tired and on edge) Thank you Lord for such and amazing man in my life, that understands and puts up with literally everything I throw at him. Other then that this pregnancy is still flying by. We got little Miss’s room painted and put in order mostly. Bodie was a TROOPER and loved helping for her arrival. I have to say im half feeling guilty that her room is decorated and cute and Boy’s is still white and makeshift. oops. We are still deciding what we really want to do with his now that he is getting older.

Dan is working away, and so good at it for us. Never complains, always goes WAY above and beyond what he needs to at work, and then comes home to do us, and you know all the stuff i haven’t…… :/ He is amazing, the Lord has seriously given him an unmeasurable amount of grace in parenting and our marriage. (thank you Jesus) Thanks love for all you do, it really doesn’t go unseen. I am eternally grateful. :) He is also doing a lot more blogging when he can, and they are so good!

And of course Boy. He is……how do i say it…… a handful. :) In a good and one year old kinda way. He has the best personality ever, so funny and anery . He knows what is really funny and whats not.  He is a  product of his mother. All the spicy went to him. Which is so good and so hard to learn to deal with for him. I have to remind myself of how i get as an adult with things and situations and remember that he is dealing with the same things as a one year old, thus the frustration and tantrums of learning how to harness that for good. Its a hard road for him and us as parents at this point. But he is such a good kid its hard to be mad. His whole goal in life is to be obedient and good, and when hes not he knows it and gets upset. (well most of the time) ;) He really loves the Lord too, when we watch the prayer room in the mornings he will really get into it or a song he enjoys and close his eyes and worship. It melts my heart to see that at such a young age. He is wired for music though (all from daddy) i love that as well. He is SO musically inclined already it amazes me. Even when hes goofing around he will air guitar. He unfortunately  still hates anything that has to do with crafting or creating. I decided that music it is and i wont force it on him. He does enjoy taking pictures himself though. Maybe next post i will put up the pictures he takes. They are surprisingly good and accurate. :) Hmm, i could go on and on about his blooming personality and interests.

Little Elsie, lets see, Im 34 weeks now. Which puts her at around 4 1/2 pounds and just over 18 inches long. WHOA! Thats huge! She is so different form Boy in my tummy already. She rolls around and pushes out alot. in every direction just always pushing and stretching. My ribs are constantly sore from her feet pushing on them all day. She also is most active in the quiet surroundings, at night, and once Boy is down. Bodie was awake when there was noise, wasn’t going to miss a thing! ;) I am hoping for a more quiet and relaxed personality like me for her. but would also love another spit fire. We will see.

I think thats all the strength i have for tonight, seriously my eyes are blurry and my spelling is outrageous right now. whoa. I think its way over time for bed. Hopefully i will post some of the things i have really been wanting to here soon. Maybe i will make a list so i dont forget. yeah here we go really quickly. So you can hold me accountable ;)

~Picture Bodie has taken

~Some of my favorite things

~More on what the Lord is doing on my heart

~WAY over due projects i have done over the last two years

~Elsie’s room

Ok well thats it i dont want to let myself down now or you :) Oh and i know i disclaimer my posts BUT tonight i tried out the auto correct due to how tired i was and ended up turning it off half way, so if a word is totally random it was the auto correct tonight. haha 8)

A very tired and delusional,


B’s First Snow

This winter in KC has been so mild its crazy, no nothing, not really even any overcast days. Once we went on vacation thought i got my fill of a beautiful white snow in Denver, and then i found out that we got snow in KC that same day. (Go figure) BUT i know i enjoyed it in Denver alot more, even thought it, (and Bodie being sick) hindered us from meeting up with some good friends, but i guess you have to roll with the punches sometimes and try again..?

Anyway, we got a pretty big snow the other day here, and it was perfect, big fluffy, falling straight down snow. So the next day we thought it would be fun to go and take B out and check it out while daddy shoveled.  We had a blast, and i have fun taking a few pictures to remember it by. He looked so cute in his cowboy boots, fuzzy hat, oversized coat (that he cant balance in), and mittens that he actually kept on! :) Their not perfect b/c i couldn’t see the pics with how bright it was out side and my fingers were on the verge of being frost bitten… ;)

These first two pictures are actually his very first snow in CO. As you can see his favorite part was eating it ;)

<3 This picture, it shows just how boy he really is

Helping daddy shovel, we ended up bringing out the car scraper for him to feel like he was helping ;)

The biggest accomplishment of the hour was me getting my coat zipped up! I had to suck it in for what i could, and then it still took about 5 min b/c i couldn’t see the zipper and it was being difficult! Win by me :)

After everything was said and over he was a happy camper ready for a warm bath and  his runny nose wiped haha :)


OH and if you haven’t checked out Dan’s blog and new post head over and give it a read. :)

What we’ve been up to…

Im totally behind in the blogging world, and have been wanting to write everything and share all the good photos from the last few days. They have been quite the adventure, and fun. Wish i could share more but this will be enough to keep me up to date… enjoy :)

Rockin out at Urban!

Eating bark and dirt, quickly finding out its gross &  Gettin dirty!

Momma’s little batman, wearing daddy’s old cape. Dan wanted to grow up to be Batman.

Blurry but so cute!

Lovin the fountain at the Plaza. Such a stinker!

On the stairs where Dan and I got together, knowing we were going to get married! :)

His favorite thing in the world, SNACKING!

Pool craziness and his first TOOTH (the one on the right)! Second one is on its way too! :)

My Mothers Day hibiscus doing great!

And last but not least the exploded diaper!

Let me explain:

Bodie and I went out to catch some sun and play in the pool before it got too hot today. His swimming shorts are just too big for his waist so i just threw him in the ‘swimming’ pull ups.  We got them in a package of random stuff before Bodie was born and i just assumed they were the swimmer ones. After putting Bode in the pool, he starts having a hard time pulling himself up which is not like him and I realize that diaper is filling up and starting to be really heavy (seriously within like 3 min.)! So I just stripped him down and let him continue playing naked (which if he could he always would!), as I trying to figure out what is going on. Turned out the diaper was a regular pull up, and filled up to a 10 pound wet squishy thing. It was MASSIVE and heavy, it swelled so big the gel broke a hole out and was leaking all over the cement!!! I couldn’t quit laughing at myself thinking it was a darn good thing I took it off him when I did or it would have swelled so big I would have had to CUT it off! haha


Finally Nice Out!

Today the sun and blue skies decided to grant us with their presence!  So Bode and I ventured out to the park while Dan was in class. Oh and if you havent noticed i LOVE close ups, they are by far my favorite kind of picture.. :)

If you haven’t also noticed i am trying something new with the blog.. I would love to hear you imput, YES? NO?


be sure to check out Dan’s up and going blog. The link is over to the right under the Welcome! :)


Fisheye photos

I finally got my new fisheye lens! Whoo Hoo! I have NO IDEA how to use it, so i thought i would try my first few out with Bodie, on the back porch. I had to put his little green blanket down to due to the ground still being a bit wet from last nights monsoon! Any and ALL advice would be very appreciated, since i am learning. :) Oh and yes i did in fact make that little onesise! I am very happy with how it cam out, but with is was a little more slanted, after the huge stretch over his belly, it wasn’t looking the same haha! ;)

Had to give him something to entertain while i was figuring it out

“Bode don’t eat that flower” turned into this…

Love this one

End day one…

Mothers Day Extravaganza?

Thought I might document a little more of the humor chaos side of Mothers day. Lets just say it might be funny in like 20 years!  Dan decided to treat my like a queen on Mothers day and go all out, since he’s just like that and it was my first. He got me a set of 4 macro filters for my camera, a Macro fisheye filter, and a wide angle! WHOA and the funny thing was he didn’t even look on my wish list (which all of them were on there).  Then we decided to go out to dinner, and of course we went to Red Lobster since thats our special occasion place, and we LOVE the biscuits! ha! So we leave at 7 knowing that Bode will be asleep by the time we get there, WRONG.

The second we get there he is wide awake, and on edge for a tantrum since he was over tired and should have been asleep. Well we sit down and it starts, all the way until i cant take anymore and take him out to the car while Dan got his food and started  eating since i was gone and told him to just go ahead, so I let him through his little fit unto fallin asleep. WRONG again! He was blue lipped, head sweating, ear rinning throwing a fit. So i calm him enough to go back inside. Dan makes him a second bottle (in a two hours span, which should have also put him to sleep) and we fed him. That lasted about ten minutes, and was right back at it. So it was Dan’s attempt to try and calm the beast. So he took him out to the car and drove the parking lot for about 5 min. and rocked him to sleep. All while i was inside eating. He came back about 10-15 min later and we got our check and left. Yup, that was Mothers Day, from a MOM. We didn’t eat more then maybe 7 minutes together and i about punched our host for all the “your food is cold and that’s why i dont have kids” comments.  We did proceed home to cry, hold each other and rock ourselves to sleep.. HAHA! Good thing he’s cute right? Then to top it all off, he selfishly took me to see the new Iron Man, and i am pleased to say that Bodie was an angel and slept through the whole thing! :)

Well that was our Mothers day, what did you do?

Ill do another quick photo catch-up on the last week later today when i get a free moment.

Chunky Dunkin’

Today we finally decided to break out GG’s (great grandma’s) blow up pool for Bodie! Taking all the credit i DID in fact blow it all up by myself while Dan was at work. The thing is massive with a cool canopy over it, which blew up as well. ;) I jimmy rigged a hose out of plastic to fill it (the hose we bought has a thing that wont work with our spigot, of course). I only filled it about two inches deep so it would warm up before we got in later. It was a B e a u t i f u l day out today, only one little cloud in the sky. Here are a few pictures of Bodie’s first dip in the pool…. enjoy :)

‘Just chillin’ love his little swim shorts :)

My little Poo Bear

Impact Resistant

A pictures worth a thousand words, or at least two that say everything in this picture. :)

Bodie is one of the most “impact resistant” kids ever. He can take a hit like no one’s business and just shake it off like nothing. I love that he is a pure TANK!  It puts me on edge a lot of the time worrying about him but most of the time he is fine.

Hope  you enjoy this picture as much as i do… :)

Rota Bug

Bodie’s got a bug. Yup, our first. After two days of terrible…( I’ll spare the details) diapers, i decided to go and do some research and give my mom a call and see what she thought about everything. Through both, im about 99% sure he’s got Rotavirus. Bummer. I can totally see him just drained and not feeling good, and it just breaks my heart.  The next time i can get to the Dr.s is Monday, but there isn’t anything they would be able to do with a virus. SO we are keeping a good eye on him and waiting for it to take its course and leave.

We picked up a thing of Pedialyte and have been keeping up an his fluids, late but hopefully in time. (i don’t want to be making a trip to the hospital for dehydration!) Please pray he keeps hydrated and we would know if we have to get to the doctors. We do have him on the BRAT, (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) diet to help too.

On the plus side, he has been SUPER sweet and chill. And very opposite of himself, low energy if you can imagine that! he still is happier then ever, still playing and climbing, but in a very quiet and low energy kind of way. its like having a normal kiddo in the house. We have a wedding we are going to go to tomorrow, so hopefully we will be able to make it or this new side of Bodie will play out to our advantage during the ceremony. :) For now im enjoying him and his little cuddles and praying he gets better soon!


Took the pictures this morning with the computer, thus the poor quality. He hasn’t cuddled on me since he was newborn :)