Bodie’s Pictures

OK, i know i just posted so i am going to keep this short and i only have a short ammout of time before life calls back to me ;)

Here are a few of Bodies master pieces of lately. Yes i have let him hold our nice expensive camera, and snap a few shots. He knows how to look in the view finder and then hit the capture button. It sometimes looks like a two step process, but he does good. I make sure to keep a solid had under the camera incase of any drops though.

I think he has an eye…. ;)

I love how perfect he got these last two of ‘Daddy’

AND i cant resist but to up a few of my own quickies showing all is goofy faces and growing personality. :)

Such a crazy Boy, He is actually posing for everyone of these, not mad or anything.

The best part of it is if i dont actually take the picture he will keep doing that same face until i do, then change faces. haha

What is this half mob/ganster face!?

See all smiles and goofy’ness

HAHA! These two have got to be some of my favorites. He actually LOVES applesauce. Playing the camera again! ;)

This one was just because im a mom and thought it was cute….