Yep, Im at this very moment Im hyped up on….you guessed it espresso. If you know anything about me its that i HATE coffee, I never have and never maybe will. ¬†Being married to a coffee¬†zealot, its been hard to turn down some of his good looking drinks. I think it smells and looks amazing I just can’t get past the taste.

SO tonight Dan, the zealot, was making some shots and going on about how good this way was to drink it. I stepped it up and told him i would try it. Granted i did take it with some alot of creamer and my heart was totally racing, but after some coaxing and holding my hand i did it! It wasn’t to bad either.

Anyways i will update on something more relevant later but for now im going to enjoy this golden moment and pat myself on the back, or maybe even run a few laps! 8)