Caught Coloring

Yesterday was a day that will forever be marked in momma’s heart! I caught Bodie coloring, all by himself!

I usually put him in the pack and play during my showers, but decided it was time to give him a bit of freedom. I baby gated the upstairs, and opened up his room and the bathroom doors. That way he could roam in between the two. The first few days he was super nervous and basically hung around in the bathroom with me. But yesterday he decided to roam into his room and see what i would say. Once he realized it was ok, i heard some rummaging, and then dead silence. No return yell back at mine, no baby stomping, nothing.

Oh geez better make this fast

So I hurried up my shower to make sure he wasn’t into to much trouble, and peeked into his room to find that he found a box of crayons, and dumped them out, and was straddling ready to bring color to the bible. Good thing I walked in when i did. I grabbed the canvas painting he did when he turned one (that i still hadn’t hung up) and turned it over for a quick coloring pad.

I quietly left the room not showing him anything, and he started coloring! He knew what why to hold the crayons, what hand he liked, and he quietly went through all the new colors. Although white was defective ;) I tried to show him to color awhile ago on a kids menu at a restaurant  but he had zero interest. I guess he logged it away for today!

Here are the pictures i took of him the next day, ‘showing me’. Yes he is sick and thats why he looks slightly crazy and sleep deprived.

So Handsom, love the focus!

Yes, this did happen again, but i caught him before any real damage could be done ;)

Black ended up being his favorite color b/c it could mark on anything. dark.

He wanted to try out the color on his crib, changing table, the inside of his dresser drawers, curtains and so on. (Of course i didn’t let him, but it was cool to see his mind thinking, for now) Thats when we decided to clean up quickly.

Look Momma, I can even color on the SIDE!

Hes such a joy even when hes sick, and hasn’t slept

Willingly showing me his work

This did happen a time or two but hes just too cute to say no to!
And he decided he didn’t like them anyways.

I love the blur on this, shows the intensity he was coloring with :)