My Boy Likes to Sing!

One of my favorite things lately is to listen to my husband pick at his guitar and listen to Bodie sing along. No matter how loud the activity may get. :)

Before Bodie was born Dan and I did alot of praying about what his future may look like or giftings he may have. One of the MAIN things we kept hearing over and over was music and song, which of course made us happy. I sat in the night watch during the beginning of my pregnancy (LOTS of HOURS in other words) and did alot of time in the prayer room once we switched back to days. He was always the most active hearing the music.

Now that he has started developing his personality much, MUCH more i can say that we heard right. He LOVES music and singing with it. He gets grumpy if i dont turn the web-stream (Prayer Room) on in the mornings and its the only thing that will calm a tantrum with him. When i say he sings, i mean he really sings. Not that Baby scream (which he does do well haha) but im talking like hold a note, not perfectly, but as good as any. ;)

Here area a few pictures that i caught, the other day. Some are blurry, because he was belting it out :)

Watchin Daddy Play



First Post and a few FAVORITES

So here i am again, with another blog, one that we WILL be keeping and updating for you all to stay in touch with our family. :) I figured that i would get this thing up and going again, along with our site (which is still in progress).  Hope you enjoy and are checking in on us frequently

Since this is my first post I thought i would share a few of my favorite photos as of lately. Im sure most of you have seen them but Im posting them anyways :)

LOVE this little hat and sweater

Such a good Daddy