Where we are now

I haven’t updated in a while now, mainly due to lack of energy and time. So tonight everyone was asleep by 9:30 (except me as usual) and i have finished my blog surfing and Pintrest ‘pinning’, and thought before i hit the sack i would just do a quick filler in of life the last few days/weeks.

I am doing good. Pregnancy is getting harder for sure and I am getting bigger as I enter the home stretch. I am still having lots of pelvic pain, it hurts to sleep, roll over at night get up and down from sitting, just the norm i guess with your second and having then so close together. My energy is seriously dwindling more and more by the day. Most days its SO frustrating just being able to take care of Bodie and what HE needs and ignoring my other duties, like you know like the essential things; laundry, dishes, picking up, brushing my own teeth, all of it. Then my amazing husband kindly and patiently reminds me that I am pregnant and deal with a wild man all day, and am 34 weeks pregnant. (oh right thats why im so tired and on edge) Thank you Lord for such and amazing man in my life, that understands and puts up with literally everything I throw at him. Other then that this pregnancy is still flying by. We got little Miss’s room painted and put in order mostly. Bodie was a TROOPER and loved helping for her arrival. I have to say im half feeling guilty that her room is decorated and cute and Boy’s is still white and makeshift. oops. We are still deciding what we really want to do with his now that he is getting older.

Dan is working away, and so good at it for us. Never complains, always goes WAY above and beyond what he needs to at work, and then comes home to do us, and you know all the stuff i haven’t…… :/ He is amazing, the Lord has seriously given him an unmeasurable amount of grace in parenting and our marriage. (thank you Jesus) Thanks love for all you do, it really doesn’t go unseen. I am eternally grateful. :) He is also doing a lot more blogging when he can, and they are so good!

And of course Boy. He is……how do i say it…… a handful. :) In a good and one year old kinda way. He has the best personality ever, so funny and anery . He knows what is really funny and whats not.  He is a  product of his mother. All the spicy went to him. Which is so good and so hard to learn to deal with for him. I have to remind myself of how i get as an adult with things and situations and remember that he is dealing with the same things as a one year old, thus the frustration and tantrums of learning how to harness that for good. Its a hard road for him and us as parents at this point. But he is such a good kid its hard to be mad. His whole goal in life is to be obedient and good, and when hes not he knows it and gets upset. (well most of the time) ;) He really loves the Lord too, when we watch the prayer room in the mornings he will really get into it or a song he enjoys and close his eyes and worship. It melts my heart to see that at such a young age. He is wired for music though (all from daddy) i love that as well. He is SO musically inclined already it amazes me. Even when hes goofing around he will air guitar. He unfortunately  still hates anything that has to do with crafting or creating. I decided that music it is and i wont force it on him. He does enjoy taking pictures himself though. Maybe next post i will put up the pictures he takes. They are surprisingly good and accurate. :) Hmm, i could go on and on about his blooming personality and interests.

Little Elsie, lets see, Im 34 weeks now. Which puts her at around 4 1/2 pounds and just over 18 inches long. WHOA! Thats huge! She is so different form Boy in my tummy already. She rolls around and pushes out alot. in every direction just always pushing and stretching. My ribs are constantly sore from her feet pushing on them all day. She also is most active in the quiet surroundings, at night, and once Boy is down. Bodie was awake when there was noise, wasn’t going to miss a thing! ;) I am hoping for a more quiet and relaxed personality like me for her. but would also love another spit fire. We will see.

I think thats all the strength i have for tonight, seriously my eyes are blurry and my spelling is outrageous right now. whoa. I think its way over time for bed. Hopefully i will post some of the things i have really been wanting to here soon. Maybe i will make a list so i dont forget. yeah here we go really quickly. So you can hold me accountable ;)

~Picture Bodie has taken

~Some of my favorite things

~More on what the Lord is doing on my heart

~WAY over due projects i have done over the last two years

~Elsie’s room

Ok well thats it i dont want to let myself down now or you :) Oh and i know i disclaimer my posts BUT tonight i tried out the auto correct due to how tired i was and ended up turning it off half way, so if a word is totally random it was the auto correct tonight. haha 8)

A very tired and delusional,


We’re having a She

Im sitting here while Dan is feeding Bodie dinner and have a bit to update.  I wanted to update you all one on our little She. I know im a totally lame blogger lately with no pictures of fun stuff, but im working on that, and stuff like doing the dishes first! haha

We are having a GIRL. Quite the surprise let me tell you. :)

With our first ultrasound the tech thought ‘Bebe’ was looking more like a him, but told us it could go either way at that point. We are about 14 and a half weeks then, and we found out with what bodie was at 15 weeks on the dot. So I just figured it was a boy, because i had to have something. ;) With our last ultrasound we had a very crusty lady who was super rude to us as parents. Anyway, at the end she told us its a girl…..


Of course it was so shocking I cried, and was overwhelmed with joy. We both were. A new dynamic to our little family. As we left the hospital, i think it was more sobriety setting in and nerves.

A girl? What the heck am i going to do with a girl?

Not anything in a bad way, but more of how am i going to do this. A whole new place then i have ever been before. Im not a dolls and ‘princess’ kinda girl anyways. Actually i hate dolls because they are extremely creepy and scary. Always have.

I cant wait for the tutu’s, chucks, crazy hair, little girl. That will be a blast, but she wont have a choice. It will be fun and exciting, and a roller coaster, and you know…..all of the above. :) I do really look forward to all the wonderful baby girl sewing projects out there, and summer will be a great time for some of those! Lets hope sewing itsn’t one of those things that make me hit my ‘limit’ :/ haha

OK moving on.

Everything finally seemed to fall into place one we found out it was a girl. We had absolutely NO boy names that we even liked, and really had no other connection with this one being a boy.  She is totally calm and easy going. Very chill in our ultrasounds, and everyday. Bodie had much harder kicks, and felt like he was literally doing cartwheels and sucker punches to my bladder. She is very soft moving, and more just feels like she is adjusting to get comfortable, or moving her hands and feet. Nothing to dramatic, not yet atleast.

As far as our name we picked out, i gave a few hints awhile back. but here is her name and how we came across it. :)

Elsie Joy

I actually found the name Elsie a long time before we ever were pregnant. I was searching girls names, and came across a sight that went back to the 1800’s top 150 names of that time. AWESOME! So i went to the late 1800’s and very early 1900’s. I saw the name Elsie a few times in each year, but hadn’t said anything to Dan yet. Every time i saw it i liked it even more, to the point i was looking for it in the next year. I let Dan search with me and he mentioned it. Which normally we dont agree on names so that in its self was a miracle. We searched for a bit longer still with out talking and he told me to go look the meaning up. So we did and were instantly sold and fell in LOVE. Not to long after that while i was searching the popularity of the name I came across an amazing little blogger over at A Beautiful Mess (such a wonderful blog I follow now). Before i found out we were having a girl and after i found our name, i was on the Vintage Pearl’s site browsing. Low and behold one of her main pictures had the name Elsie on it pared with Eden (Bodie’s friend across the street is named Eden) :) Wow, the Lord was really doing something with preparing my heart for our little girl. In so many different ways.  Her name means;

My God is a Vow

As far as the name Joy, my Grandma’s middle name is Joy. When she told me that when i was really little i was 100% sold on naming my little girl that. As i got older i realized it is actually a name thats pretty common, especially in the christian realm of life. Oh well.  Im not in the least bit concerned with the popularity of the names anymore. Of course i dont want them to burst out, i still love the more original names that are in the background of life. :)

There you have it. Little Miss. Elsie Joy will be making her first marks and screams in the world around April 15th! Until then..


I hope you understand i do not go back and proof read… Nope never, so im sure it sounds and is spelled terrible, but my mommy duties are calling way, WAY louder at the moment, and while i type mostly too a second set of little fingers seems to always find the delete button ;)