Simple Cooking

It feels like its about time I posted something proving that we really do cook in our house.  I really enjoy cooking, when I have time and we are actually prepared. We try and eat pretty healthy in our house, so we really watch what is in what we eat.

Tonight we whipped together some fajitas. Some amazing fajitas if i may say so. ;)

First i cut up all the veggies and mixed in some fajita seasoning

I browned the meat, (steak tonight)

Stirred in the veggies to cook to perfection

And then enjoyed the most simple amazing meal ever!

And its healthy, which is even better!

I have a few more posts i want to be sure and put up this week, mainly the ones i have neglected in doing. Including our little bathroom revamp. I cant say it ‘helps’ the pink wall tile in there, but it does look much better for now. ;)