Family Golf Day

Yesterday Dan and I thought we would go out to the driving range so he could hit a few golf balls, and get back into the swing of things. He ‘s always talking about how he always used to play and how he’s pretty descent at it, but for some reason i just could not see him being good at golf. I tried it one time in high school and i don’t think a ball ever left the tee or made it further then ten feet in front of me, and let me say yesterday was not an exception! Here are a few snapshots of the day, we had fun, bodie had fun, and it was a beautiful day to head out and well, one: be amazed that my husband wasn’t lying and is in fact very good, and two: laugh at me trying. :) I will count this as his 7 month pictures for now…

Dan as you can see was doing great!       I was, well, back to my softball swing :)

Bodie had a blast, and LOVED wearing his new sunglasses. As you can tell :)

We  finally retired and went to eat :)