Mothers Day Extravaganza?

Thought I might document a little more of the humor chaos side of Mothers day. Lets just say it might be funny in like 20 years!  Dan decided to treat my like a queen on Mothers day and go all out, since he’s just like that and it was my first. He got me a set of 4 macro filters for my camera, a Macro fisheye filter, and a wide angle! WHOA and the funny thing was he didn’t even look on my wish list (which all of them were on there).  Then we decided to go out to dinner, and of course we went to Red Lobster since thats our special occasion place, and we LOVE the biscuits! ha! So we leave at 7 knowing that Bode will be asleep by the time we get there, WRONG.

The second we get there he is wide awake, and on edge for a tantrum since he was over tired and should have been asleep. Well we sit down and it starts, all the way until i cant take anymore and take him out to the car while Dan got his food and started  eating since i was gone and told him to just go ahead, so I let him through his little fit unto fallin asleep. WRONG again! He was blue lipped, head sweating, ear rinning throwing a fit. So i calm him enough to go back inside. Dan makes him a second bottle (in a two hours span, which should have also put him to sleep) and we fed him. That lasted about ten minutes, and was right back at it. So it was Dan’s attempt to try and calm the beast. So he took him out to the car and drove the parking lot for about 5 min. and rocked him to sleep. All while i was inside eating. He came back about 10-15 min later and we got our check and left. Yup, that was Mothers Day, from a MOM. We didn’t eat more then maybe 7 minutes together and i about punched our host for all the “your food is cold and that’s why i dont have kids” comments.  We did proceed home to cry, hold each other and rock ourselves to sleep.. HAHA! Good thing he’s cute right? Then to top it all off, he selfishly took me to see the new Iron Man, and i am pleased to say that Bodie was an angel and slept through the whole thing! :)

Well that was our Mothers day, what did you do?

Ill do another quick photo catch-up on the last week later today when i get a free moment.