Something to call our Own

Well, as some of you may or may not know, and much reason for my MAJOR lack in blogging, we are BUYING A HOUSE! Yup, we are set to close the 3oth this month. So my days have been looking more like cleaning and some packing while chasing Bodie around.

After all of the  MAJOR ups and downs of home searching I can say that the Lord has totally guided us to this house, (again). We started looking at houses a few months ago, and came across a beautiful home, all new inside, new appliances, new roof, no foundations problems, everything we could want and need! They were even offering the year HOW, Home Owners Warranty, with the house! The outside on the other hand is, well, very ‘patriotic’ looking, stark white with BLUE shudders, blue mail box and American flag hanging over the garage.. LOL, we would want to change that over time ;) We felt lead to make an offer on the house and it turned out that another offer was made at the same time giving them exactly what they were asking. That was hard for me, I had a hard time wanting to look again. After having to try and picture our family living in a house and picturing it ‘home’ and then losing it, it was hard. especially since we felt lead to make an offer.

We started looking again, and found another house, much bigger, probably bigger then we needed right now, but it was so cute and had everything we wanted in the style of the house. But it needed ALOT of work and nothing was new. So we weighed it and again felt lead to make an offer, we priced way low and they started to bargain with us! After a few times looking at it, i could say it was more home then the last.  Then our realtor called us saying that the first house contract fell through. What?! I wanted the second, it was much more ‘us’ but needed work. We needed to give her an answer by that night wether we should again move on the first or not. I was a wreak, not willing to give up the second house now. We finally decided that the best thing for us and our family was the first house. No matter the heart attachments.

I know the Lord used the second to test our faith in Him and His leadership in our lives. It was very hard to give up our dream home for something that was better for us. And we wouldn’t have to put a dime into. The Lord is good though. I have to say now i love the house we are getting, no regrets and so happy we didnt keep perusing the second home.

SO we made our offer again, asking for them to pay all of our closing costs, and BAM, we are closing on the 30th! We had our inspection a week or so ago and it came out great. A few maintenance things, but they found termites in the shed. So we will have to get that taken care of prob. next spring. But it is underway.

If my blogging is lacking this is the reason! We are so excited to finally have our own home, after almost 2 years searching and months of looking at homes!!

On a Bodie note, He is 11 months today, that means he is going to be ONE next month! WHAT?!?! For real? Time has flown by already.  Cant wait to see how he turns out, his latest stage (more enhanced then normal) is massive tantrums. i dont know how to handle it when he does it, he throws himself on the floor kicking, screaming, punching, the whole nine!? I am at loss?

PLEASE  keep us in your prayers as we are in a major transition in this time, and we are only able to have one car again.


1679166.jpg See the Patriotic look i was telling you about!?! HAHA I will take some of my OWN pictures of the house next time i am able to, for now this is it, sorry..