The beginning

Well just about a week ago Dan and i found out we’re having a baby! We couldn’t be any happier and more excited. Our first doctor apt. is Feb. 16, and we should be able to hear the heart beat and know if the baby is healthy. I should be due abound Sept. 19, but we’ll let the Dr. tell us a more exact date.

The baby is about the size of a sweet pea this week, (to the best of my knowledge of how far along i am) I have already gained weight, and definitely have grown in other areas… Its crazy how much and how quickly your body changes! I am so tired, i can barely get up during the day. I feel like im on a constant sleeping pill. As far as the morning sickness, YES, oh man do i have it. I have not hit the point of running the the bathroom yet, BUT the sick queasy flu feeling just stays around all day. I got the prenatal vitamins, which surprisingly help with the gross feeling a little bit. As you can tell im not showing at all yet, a little bit bloated and growing!
Well thats about it for now..