Rota Bug

Bodie’s got a bug. Yup, our first. After two days of terrible…( I’ll spare the details) diapers, i decided to go and do some research and give my mom a call and see what she thought about everything. Through both, im about 99% sure he’s got Rotavirus. Bummer. I can totally see him just drained and not feeling good, and it just breaks my heart. ┬áThe next time i can get to the Dr.s is Monday, but there isn’t anything they would be able to do with a virus. SO we are keeping a good eye on him and waiting for it to take its course and leave.

We picked up a thing of Pedialyte and have been keeping up an his fluids, late but hopefully in time. (i don’t want to be making a trip to the hospital for dehydration!) Please pray he keeps hydrated and we would know if we have to get to the doctors. We do have him on the BRAT, (bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast) diet to help too.

On the plus side, he has been SUPER sweet and chill. And very opposite of himself, low energy if you can imagine that! he still is happier then ever, still playing and climbing, but in a very quiet and low energy kind of way. its like having a normal kiddo in the house. We have a wedding we are going to go to tomorrow, so hopefully we will be able to make it or this new side of Bodie will play out to our advantage during the ceremony. :) For now im enjoying him and his little cuddles and praying he gets better soon!


Took the pictures this morning with the computer, thus the poor quality. He hasn’t cuddled on me since he was newborn :)