36 weeks

Well here i am and im ALREADY 36 weeks. WHOA! Ill be full term next week. Its so crazy to think about how fast this pregnancy has really gone! I mean the baby could really be coming anytime after next week and be perfectly fine! (I truly wishing he come early) :)

Ok for the update!

Im as good as it gets for being 36 weeks pregnant! (haha) Things are defiantly getting more and more sore and achy. I actually got adjusted last night(by a REAL chiropractor),(which is a MASSIVE step for me) and she did a WONDERFUL job. I have so much more energy today and no aches or anything. Praise the Lord! My body must have really needed it. The lady, AMY, is actually a wonderful Christian who owns her own Chiropractic Clinic and is teaching our birthing classes. The classes have been great, and she is doing a wonderful job. Dan and I are doing it with another couple our age and good friends! (needless to say we have fun) :) During class last night i actually got a massive contractions and about 3 more later that night. WOO HOO!! Its getting SO close.

Other then that im doing great, (today) and am getting more and more excited/ nervous for the little one to come. Not knowing WHEN he will decide to come is slightly scary, but exciting. OH, and i also learned last night that Full term came from the bible. Let me explain; Most women actually go OVER their date because thats ow the Lord created it. I think its in Lev. but pregnancy is based on 10 Lunar months, which is based on 28 days. So cool! (still hoping for a early baby though)


Baby is about 17- 18 inches long and anywhere from 4- just under 6 pounds! (the size of a honeydew’ish) he is basically fully developed and just needed to wait a bit longer for his little lungs to completely hold up to the outside world. (but would be fine if born now) He is so developed his little gums are now hard! (kinda weird)
his kicks are getting harder and harder, One caught Dan’s eye the other day and it kinda freaked him out. He said the baby is going to just punch right on out! haha He still likes to rub his feet along my ribs, and is now sticking His little butt out to the point my tummy looks all deformed!! he is going to be a stinker!

Well this is about it for now, i WAS planning on uploading pictures from the other night but forgot my uploader..typical! I will later on tonight or tomorrow.

♥ Ash


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