Well we are ALREADY at 11 weeks, the time has honestly flown by but still so slow!
As you can see i am growing, i dont know if i quite qualify for a belly but i do have a tummy pooch! Sometimes it even surprises me to look down and see it there!

I still have been sick sick sick! Over the last week i have had the flu and am now trying to recover all my fluids by drinking Pediasure. haha I have lived on those stick popsicles, pop ice, i think they are called, are wonderful before bed time. I feel like i have hit the “climax” of these symptoms, i wasnt throwing up till just recently, just nauseous all day. Now i am running to the bathroom all the time and always taking deep breaths to help my tummy. I have seen the biggest change (besides my tummy) in my back. its curving SO SO much. I already have a horrible back, and have to pop it through out the day, and now its really tight all the time and the base where my hip are is always pinched, so if you think about it, let this be my personal prayer request for you, besides the health of baby. thank you

You know you preg when… (inspired by jami, thanks :)

~You look for the crackers all over the house and find them in the fridge
~Your now getting a bit more hairy, my tummy has fuz all over it!
~You have a routein of crying every night due to sickness
~You take at least a bath everyday
~You have made your bath completely cold more then once on accident, and then cried about it
~I hate the smell of maple syrup, it smells like cat urine….gross!
~You can smell the chlorine in the shower
~Your pants and shirts are already getting tight (at 11 weeks crazy)
~ Your dear husband likes to make jokes and talk to baby through my belly button, and listen through it as well, just like a walkie-takie….!! haha

Baby is about the size of a Lime! (already) Fingers and toes are no longer webbed, and hair follicles, tooth buds and nail beds are forming — looking more and more like a baby! baby is moving, kicking, waving and even moving his fingers and toes…awww

This is all until tomorrow, i will post about the Dr. App!! YAY

Ash and Baby Shjandemaar or Sprout (as Dan likes to call him/her)


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